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Collecting Proteins in Gel Membranes 2

This photograph shows Yumi Yamashita, Ph.D., working with acryl amide gels to separate proteins after electropheresis. The principal investigator for this work is Juan Rivera, Ph.D., Chief of the Molecular Inflammation Section. The work in this laboratory is directed towards understanding how allergenic agents and immune complexes activate one particular family of receptors (Fc receptors) and, through them, ultimately control the genes that produce the signals (cytokines) that in turn recruit other cells in the inflammatory response. The photograph was taken in the Molecular Inflammation Section of the Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch at the Clinical Research Center on the NIH Campus. 

Research Personnel, Autoimmune Diseases, Molecular Inflammation, Proteins, Membranes  

Yamashita, Yumi  

Tweezers, Gel Agitator  

NIH Location:
NIH Clinical Center, NIAMS Arthritis and Rheumatism Branch, Molecular Inflamation Section 

Image Number:

Image Date:
April 28, 2006 

Date Entered:
June 5, 2006 

Rhoda Baer 

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Public Domain - Public Access 

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